5 Must have Apps in Your Phone

5 Must have Apps in Your Phone 

If you are a smartphone user these are must have application you should have in your phone and these apps are most importantly very handy and easy to use and they are best in their field so lets start the countdown.


 its is also very popular among teenagers and youth as it helps user to post their thoughts and pictures where people can like and comment on that picture. Many celebrity have their account on instagram where there fan can follow them and they have news about there favorite celebrity. instagram is also a major platformm to spread awareness about a social cause and news to people as it has a vast audience base. it is also an major source for earning as people advertise their product on instagram and due to its vast audience base and give them a proper exposure.


Whatsapp is a messaging app which gives user a interface he can message his contacts. User can also share pictures and video where all the messages are protected by end to end encryption and they can also be backed up by user as in his accordance and can also use whatsapp as a community group where more then 10 people can form a group and they all will receive messages and it an be used as a community tool  .


 PUBG which stands for Player Unknown Battleground is hyperactive game where the user play in a vast environment with a realistic surrounding experience and also it is popular among all the age groups whether school children or college goers as this games gives users a realistic shooting experience and PUBG's realistic graphic and sound control also add up in the gaming experience and user can download it for free from play store and app store and this game is a major time buster.


Snapchat is also a social media application where you send snaps to your friend and maintain a snapstreak with your friend and with snap chat you can click pictures with various fun filters and not only filters you can also edit your photos with that and with all these you can also subscribe to your favorite celebrity and see their snaps And tgey can also enjoy various fun games. In recent years snapchat had a vast growth and it has more then 50million + downloads in play store and it comes in both platforms IOS and Android both.


YouTube is a one of the major application which is best source of entertainment and income as people can watch many videos and it contains videos related to every single topic whether cooking videos or DIY videos and you can also upload you videos and create your own channel and with that you can also earn money and get fame. As many YouTubers are as popular as movie star and they have their own fan base where it make them as important as celebrities and YouTube is also a platform where you can show your talent it gives you stage in front of more then billion people .

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