Best Superhero Movies To Watch

Best Superhero Movies To Watch   

Today we will be discussing about some of the best superhero movies to watch that will make your day. As superhero movie is one of the best genre and it is widely popular among every age group whether its is teenagers or adults. everyone like superhero movies. so lets begin 

Iron Man(2008)

The movie is basically based on Marvel comics character iron man
and Robert Downey Jr. played the role of ironman. The plot of the movie revolve around a business tycoon Tony Stark who is kidnapped by terrorists then there he makes a iron suit and with the help of that iron suit he manages to escape from that place and then he develops the variant of that suit, this movie is one of the most rated movie on IMDb and also an oscar nominated movie so if you are a robert downey Jr. fan you should watch this movie.

The Dark Knight(2008)

This movie is one of the best superhero movie with outstanding performance by every actor. this movie is 2nd franchise of the dark knight trilogy and based on DC comics famous character Batman the main villain in this movie is joker which is played heath ledger
and for this movie he also won an oscar. the joker is basically a psychopath and criminal boss of gotham city and batman aka bruce wayne is played by christian bale who tries to stop joker from initiating his plans  and he's helped ny commissioner Gorden.

Avengers (2012)

This movie is crossover of prominent characters in MCU {Marvel Cinematic Universe} where every superhero MCU comes together
against a common enemy Loki brother of Thor. he comes to earth to capture it and to make human specie its slave but all the super hero come together to defeat Loki and at last they won. this movie is seen as poineer of superhero movies and won many awards and broke all  the records of year 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The last movie of the batman trilogy. This movie became a trendsetter and due to tom hardy's amazing portrail of bane made this movie so enjoy full . This movie is continuation of the last movie the dark knight and in this movie the greater evil shows up resulting in batman to show up again , nolan again made this movie a masterpiece by his amazing direction skill and the visuals in this movie was surely amazing and top notch. So i suggest you to keep this movie in your watch list as it will surely not disappoint you.

Avengers:Endgame (2019)

The biggest and most loved superhero movie of all time the Avengers Endgame,where the whole MCU again unites in there final battle to defeat thanos the most badass and powerfull villian in whole MCU history. The movie has many emotional and drastic turns which make audience emotional many times , and the death of tony stark aka iron man was the most painfull as well as iconic scene where he snatch the infinity stones from thanos and put it in his gauntlet and snap his fingers which results in his sudden death this movie is a emotional ride for marvel as well as superhero movies fan .


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