Rise Of Indian Hip Hop

Rise Of Indian Hip Hop

Now Indian Hip Hop is rising like a wild fire and everybody is shifting their focus on hip hop whether its is commercial or underground. Inh underground hip hop we have some prominent name like seedhe Maut, EPR, and in mainstream we have names like Raftaar, badshah ,Divine, Emiway .

North India Hip Hop 

North indian hip hop basically focuses on delhi and chandigarh hip hop scene and now it is flourishing very rapidly and this time it is basically on its peak some of the prominent rappers like Honey singh , Badshah , Raftaar belong to north indian scene we have some underground rapper from this scene like sikhandar khalon and RobC And commercial rappers like Fotty Seven And Bali.

Honey Singh & Mafia Mundeer 

Honey singh is seen as a poineer of indian hip hop who introduced this genre to bollywood and mainstream audience he first started his career in 2006 from the song khadke glassy and after that there was no turning back for him .


Mafia Mundeer

Honey singh in 2012 formed a hip hop genre band called Mafia mundeer . and this group there was some of the prominent name on indian  hip hop like badshah raftaar lil golu and ikka. this group created various song and later they was a major name in the scene but after 1 year problems started between them as badshah and raftaar claimed that honey singh did'nt gave them propoer credit for their song and later this group was disbanded.

Mumbai Rap Scene

 Mumbai scene was prominently based on underground hip hop which was basically focusing on the problems in their life and the system flaws the prominent mumbai rappers were divine and emiway . they got the proper exposure after gully boy where they portraited the life of a rapper 

Divine : Face of Mumbai Hip Hop

Vivian Fernandes stage name Divine is one of the prominent rapper and the pioneer of indian and mumbai hip  hop the struggle of the rapper is inspiring and how he managed to make his own empire and representing india on international level and his song speak about the real side of society whether its jungli sher or kaam 25 his storytelling is amazing and how he narrates his story.

Rap Beefs & Diss Tracks

 In recent years we have seen various diss tracks and beefs among major rappers like Raftaar and Emiway and then Kr$na and Emiway beef and later divine and emiway beef but it all started from raftaar and emiway beef where emiway released a diss track toward raftaar and then there was series of diss tracks from both sides but this situation helped the hip hop in india to grow and later this helped the songs and rapper to get the proper reorganization they deserve and ultimately it contributed in Indian hip hop and ultimately it gave many budding rappers a platform to rise and show their talent and to reach out to the public to give them a proper exposure they need  

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