Top 5 Places To Try authentic Delhi Food

Top 5 Places To Try authentic Delhi Food

Delhi is food heaven for food lovers and famous for its famous chaats  and Mughlai Food and Delhi had a broad food history every kind who ruled delhi introduced something new to Delhi's Food chart and now delhi is like bucket of various foods whether its is spicy one's like chaat and pani puri aur for Sweet heaven like Gulab jamun and Its famous Halwa's. Delhi is on top of the list for every foodie around the world and delhi has some of the iconic restruant which are still serving the authentic delhi flavour and they are working from generation to preserve the food culture and history. So today we will suggest you top 5 places where you can have authentic delhi food. 

Old Delhi 

Old delhi is food heaven for food lovers and it is the face of delhi delhi food culture and history. In old delhi you can find variety of food and basically mughlai cuisine. the shops which are operational there are serving there for more then 100 years and they are serving authentic delhi food and flavours , during the holy month of ramzan and during eid the streets are totally packed and one can enjoy the rich delhi food there.


In the southern part of delhi , the famous dargah of sufi saint nizamuddin auliya is located and this place is food heaven for non veg food lovers here you can find some of the best biryani and kababs . the famous seekh kabab and tunday kabab or you can also try the famous Halwa Paratha there which is extremely rich and delicious. as Surrounded by the dense populated area the the streets are usually crowded and if you have to try the dishes you have to be early as you can face shortage later.

Lajpat Nagar

Lajpat nagar is a busy locality and market area in southern delhi , but if you want to try some of the best delhi chaaats and pani puri this is the place for you as in the busy streets of lajpat nagar you can find various variety of food and fast food options which can be taken as a quick meal and you will definately love it whether its is the mixture of chinese and delhi culture with the famous chinese chaat of you can try some best nimbu shikanji {Indian Lemonade}.

Pandara Road 

Situated in high profile area of central delhi pandara road is best place to try the authentic dhaba food and the famous butter chicken and dal makhni. here you can find various outlets that serve some of the best curries in whole delhi and due to its proximity with areas like india gate and connaught place it attracts many visitors and tourist to try famous delhi food and to satisfy there cravings .

New Friends Colony

In the porsche areas of delhi like defence colony and GK a small locality called New Friends Colony  [NFC] is best place to go and have some of the best food and fast food like the famous Shawarma and kaathi rolls. NFC also have some of the best confectionery in whole capital like Bon Bon . if you want to try the famous Shawarma AL- Bake is the best shop to have it .  

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