Top 5 places to visit in Delhi

Top 3 Places To Visit In Delhi

Delhi! one of worlds ancient city and capital of many kingdoms and delhi is best known for its culture and heritage. In its vast history delhi has been set up 16 times and also it was devastated many times. In pandavas reign it was called Indraprasth and later many kings ruled delhi including Prithvi Raj Chauhan and mughals. Delhi had a strategical position as it was in centre of indian subcontinent and the roads to frontier border pass through delhi so its was also a strategical battlefield. In Delhi vast history it has seen many bloody massacre and we can still traces of every battle in delhi. but in modern delhi it is best tourist attraction from all over the world and now delhi is one of the best tourist location in Asia and all over the world and today we will talk about some must visit location in delhi which everyone who is coming to delhi must visit.

A Nightscape of Modern Delhi 

Red Fort

Red fort is delhi most visited place and you can say that it is a symbol of delhi's royal history and prestige. it was built by mughal emperor shah jahan in 1639 when he shifted his capital from agra to delhi. Re fort is situated in centre of old delhi earlier known as shajanabad. the whole structure is built with red Sandstone thats why its is called red fort. the fort contains every essential thing which a royal fort need and then is has two special rooms for authoritative meetings called diwan-e-khas and diwan - e - aam which is also built for special purposes. the fort got water from a subordinate canal from yamuna river and also there was small market within the fort. Now archaeological survey of india maintain the monument and keep in good condition so tourist can visit it.

Historic Red Fort

  Old Delhi

 The red fort is surrounded by busy streets and old buildings which comes under old Delhi city boundary its was set up by shahjahan for his officials there were 11 major gate for entry and lahori gate was prominent one . old Delhi is still famous for its heritage and culture and still attracts many tourist as it has diverse range of food option as well as it is a major shopping hotspot where you can found everything 

A View of old delhi from drone 

Connaught Place

Connaught place is most iconic structure of British Delhi as when in 1911 delhi was announced as new British capital the British architect designed this new city and connaught place was in center of that city. Today whole connaught place is shopping center and many popular brands have showroom in CP. its is also major hangout place for youths as it has many cafes and lounges where people come to have drink and party . if you are a shopping maniac and want to shop anything this is right place for you come here and enjoy Delhi's night life.It is a very posh area of delhi,it is in the centre of delhi and connected to every part of delhi.It has a huge number of Cafe and Restaurant and it has made the delhi,a more visited place of all time.Cannaught place is the area for every events for delhites.

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