Top 5 ways to Earn Online

Top 5 ways to Earn Online

As in this period of lock down every is trying to earn something extra in their free period and internet is one of the best way to earn money online. you can earn a stable amount of earning even spending just few hours and then they can have enough money by just spending few hours and they just need a PC and a good internet connection. Some of the prominent ways to earn online are :-

Affiliate Marketing 

 Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn online and it is one of the best way to earn money in this you just have to find a Niche product and t hen you have to advertise it and the merchant will give you commission on every lead that you generate and this will ultimately help you to boost you site and will generate a stable income the best example is :- Amazon Affiliate service where amazon is merchant and you work as a affiliate and on every successful lead amazon gives you commission.

Data Entry and online form Filling

Data entry jobs are also a better option to get your favored job very easily you have to fill the forms or just have to perform entries given on a particular projects and you will get paid on the basis of you processed data and this is one of the best way for the people who doesn't want to get in affiliate marketing or in other hectic work as it is easy to do work with a sufficient income.


In recent years youtube has emerged as a best and fast source of income . it just require a unique talent and a regular videos annd if your content is liked by people you will get sponsorship and paid ads by various agencies which will be your source of income and  then you will also get other alternative of income after a successful venture  .


blogger is also a stable source of income if you want to earn money with your potential. in blogger you have to write a unique content and the content will be one of its kind then google will verify it and then you ca earn money with help of ad sense where you will get paid by google on every ad on your page and then this income will increase as traffic on your page will increase in span of time and in short time you will have enough money .

Website Shifting

The last alternative is website shifting in this you will buy an cheap website and customize it in that order that it will receive heavy traffic which will ultimately lead to more money from ad agency then the value of the site will increase much more the you can sell the site 3 or 4 time more value in which you bought it this will be a profitable business with low investment where you can get good returns   

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