YouTube Vs Tik Tok

In recent months We just saw a online war between two major platforms in india Tik Tok And YouTube where Creaters from both platforms chose a side and many diss videos from both side came to action and the turning point was carry minati's Video On Tik Tok Which was basically a roast and after fews days YouTube deleted that videos for violating YouTube norms and Law of Conduction.

Main Reason for the Clash

The Clash started when YouTuber Elvish yadav posted a video mocking various tiktoker and claiming there content as cringe content and roasted them for their content and after that video many tik tokers replied him with various videos and amir Siddiqui's video gained the public attention because he addressed the whole YouTube community and targeted The prominent YouTubers like Carry Minati and Ashish chanchalani where he talked about hate and jealously in YouTube community and talked about engagement in Tik tok and after his video he received many negative comments on his video and after that carry Minati Released a video mainly focusing and replying amir Siddiqui with his video. Carry also claimed that he received death threat from Famous Tik Toker Mr. Faisu and also claimed that tik tokers have fake unity among them.

Carry Minati's Video : Aftereffect

After carry's video was deleted many YouTube came in his support and released various videos against tik tok and from other side tik tokers also released various videos and many call recordings was also leaked where tik Tokers were abusing the YouTubers and especially Carry Minati. Many big You Tubers like Technical guruji and Harsh Beniwal showed there direct support to carry and released special videos targeting tik Tok where they gained mass support and then Tik Tokers also released videos after which the battle between them became more intense and many companies also got involved in this battle and mainly public got divided and choose sides and then all these Resulted in hate and violence in many places.


In all this conflict basically both platforms suffered equally where tik tok lost its rating on google playstore amd came to 1.4 which was lowest in tik tok history and then many sponsor and media company who used to advertise on tik tok changed their policy and started to shift on other platform and then they were facing identity crisis due to the allegation on them that they steal the user data and they transfer it to chinese govt. and agencies and on other hand youtube also recorded decrease in their viewership and they also received various complaint regarding their policy anf in many videos youtubers used the word like "beti and Pari" which seem to be defaming a particular community and later it was seem as they disrespected the LGBTQ community and due to this many youtubers got a strike on their video including Carry Minati and Lakshay Chaudhary and later this resulted in various allegations on youtube policy and due to this many youtubers came against the youtube decision of striking carry and lakhay's video   

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