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The Call of the wild movie (2020) review, Cast, Story, Trailer & more

Guys so here we are with this new post to introduce with a new adventure movie  “The Call of the Wild” which is one of the new upcoming American adventure movie based on Jack London’s 1903 novel (The Call of the Wild) and it also has been remade, from the Twentieth centuries “the Call of the Wild” (1935). The movie was directed by Chris Sanders and written by Michel Green. Harrison Ford, Omar Sy, Dan Stevens, Colin Woodell, Karen Gillan and Bradley Whitford all are the main character in the movie.

“The Call of the wild” Film Story

The story is all about a domestic animal (Dog) which belong to St. Bernard. / Scotch Collie. In this film the dog was known as Buck. One day he was stolen from his home town (California),  Then The thief sold the freight haulers who hail from Yukon. The Movie is all about  [Dogs Struggle].

The call of the wild movie

“The Call of the wild” Film Production

In October 2017, there was a big announced that in 20th century fox movie was developing the 1903 old novel “the Call of the wild”. This film is an adaptation movie of Jack London.  In around 1890s all about the Klondike Gold Rush which would be directed by Chris Sanders and scripted by Michael Green, and produced by Erwin Stoff.

In the month of July 2014, Harrison Ford and Dan Stevens cast this film. Here Ford is known for the role of John Thornton and who is also known for his gold hunt. You can also see a mind blowing work with heavy and special effects from MPC Montréal,  and in the month of August 2014, Colin Voodle joined the cast and Omar Sy and Karen Gillan were added to the cast in the month of September of 2014 by itself. Then after in the month of October, Bradley Whitford joined the cast, with Cara Gere in November.

“The Call of the wild” Film Cast

Directed by

  • Chris Sanders

Produced by

  • Erwin Stoff

Screenplay by

  • Michael Green 

Based on

  • The Call of the Wild by Jack London


  • Harrison Ford
  • Dan Stevens
  • Omar Sy
  • Karen Gillan
  • Bradley Whitford
  • Colin Woodell

Music by

  • John Powell


  • Janusz Kamiński

Distributed by

  • 20th Century Fox

Edited by

  • William Hoy
  • David Heinz

Production company

  • 3 Arts Entertainment

“The Call of the wild” Film release date

[21th February , 2020]

“The Call of the wild” Film Trailer

“The Call of the wild” Film review

[Coming soon]

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