Zomato Boy Sonu Biography

Zomato Boy Sonu Biography (Viral Sensation) 2020

Sonu is a Zomato Delivery boy who is working with zomato comapny from a lot of time, Now after capturing him with his simple attractive smile look, people likes him very much and sharing his photo, memes and videos on social media.

Zomato Boy Sonu Biography

the internet cannot stop gushing over the Zomato happy rider after his TikTok video went go viral on social media on this Friday. After getting So much outstanding response on his video on Tik tok people also started creating their memes so, that Zomato has changed its profile picture to a screenshot of the happy rider from his TikTok video.

Zomato Boy Sonu Full Name.?

“This is now a happy rider fan account,” Zomato said in a post on Twitter after changing its profile picture.

Zomato Boy Sonu Biography

Now for the zomato happy rider sonu.  with a cheerful grin, has been identified as Sonu but we will discuss about him full name. His conversation with a man, about his job was recorded in a video camera by a tik tok user @danishansari81, and subsequently uploaded on TikTok.

The clip, soon after, went crazy viral and also surfaced on Twitter. The internet is impressed with Sonu especially because of his jolly smile expression that he maintained throughout the video. Hence, Sonu is now better known as the Zomato happy rider.

Now each everyone on social Media Want to See him and and also Want to know What is the Full name of This guy Sonu, So let me tell you that their are no any Answers We get by the boy about his Full name. Just stay Tuned with our Site, soon we will discuss About it.

Zomato Boy Sonu Memes

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zomato boy sonu Biography

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